NEWARK - Authorities in Newark are searching for a suspect who escaped into the city’s storm drain system Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that 31-year-old Keith Jean, of Roselle, and Arbrey Tucker, of Bloomfield, were pulled over in Harrison around 12 p.m. Wednesday after officers observed suspicious activity.

While being questioned, police say that Jean ran away from the traffic stop and then jumped into the Passaic River and swam away. He eventually ran into a storm drain pipe, and has not been spotted since.

Police say that Jean kept telling officers he was not going back to jail. He has several outstanding warrants for his arrest, according to a police news release.

Law enforcement officials resumed searching the storm drain system under Newark Thursday morning. The Passaic Valley Sewerage Department brought in a special robot that is able to search underground, but there was no sign of Jean.

Tucker was arrested at the traffic stop Wednesday for allegedly not having a license and for outstanding warrants.