WALL TOWNSHIP - Police in New Jersey and New York joined forces with the FBI to try and solve a cold case involving armed jewelry store robberies.

Officials say surveillance video helped them put the pieces together. In 2009, a robbery took place at Ballew Jewelers on Route 35 in Wall Township. In the surveillance video from the scene, a man could be seen pulling out a gun. He is wearing a clear mask and has keys hanging from his neck. He also walks with a distinctive limp.

The Wall police informed other law enforcement agencies of the robbery. They say it matched a jewelry heist in Old Bridge back in 2007, which also involved a masked man with a limp and key ring around his neck.

Each time, the suspect took off in a white box truck, dumped it nearby, and got into a small, dark car waiting for him, investigators say. The suspect was also caught on surveillance video stealing rental trucks in Staten Island.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact: Wall Township Police: 732-449-4500Old Bridge Police: 732-721-4005FBI: 973-792-3000