NEW BRUNSWICK - Authorities say several people were arrested when police in riot gear broke up a rowdy street party near the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick.

Police were called to the scene late Saturday afternoon after partygoers began breaking bottles and burning furniture in the area of Rutger's off-campus housing at Delafield Street. No serious injuries were reported, but many people said they were pepper-sprayed as police worked to clear the scene.

New Brunswick's police director reportedly said the scene grew dangerous and chaotic, and added that some students even started throwing bottles at police.

Most of the partygoers appeared to be Rutgers students, some of whom said that the party was under control until the police arrived.

The street party apparently was an outgrowth of Rutgersfest, an annual concert that used to mark the end of the school year. It was canceled a few years after university officials decided it had become too rowdy and dangerous.

Several arrests were made and the police commissioner says they are collecting video from the internet and may file criminal charges against some students.