NEWARK - An attorney for Charbel "Charlie" Chehoud, a Jersey City man who is facing deportation, says her client may have been mistreated.

Carla McBeath represents Chehoud, who is currently being detained by federal authorities and is due to be sent back to his native Lebanon. McBeath says Chehoud doesn't meet the criteria for deportation, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials disagree.

ICE has released a statement that says "...the removal of aliens who are subject to a final order of removal and abscond, fail to depart, or intentionally obstruct immigration controls, are a priority for ICE."

McBeath says that it doesn't seem to matter that Chehoud helped authorities crack a cold case in the past and that a physical altercation with officers may violate his rights as an asylum seeker.

Chehoud's story has prompted an online petition that has nearly reached a maximum of 10,000 signatures.Supporters petition for Jersey City man facing deportation