STATEN ISLAND - It will be at least two months until it is learned if a former Linden police officer was drugged hours before he crashed on the West Shore Expressway in Staten Island last year.

An attorney for Pedro Abad argued with the prosecutor in a court hearing Thursday over how much blood was needed to test for the date rape drug GHB. 

A laboratory hired by Abad’s attorney says that it needs to test 10 milliliters of blood because attorney Mario Gallucci requested to test for all drugs in the GHB class.

The prosecution only wanted 5 milliliters of blood tested, but Gallucci argued that the lab needed 10 to test for all the drugs.

Abad had been out at a club on Staten Island with two other Linden police officers and another friend in March 2015 prior to the crash. The crash killed two of the passengers and critically injured a third.

Abad was indicted for the deaths in September. His attorney argues that he may have been drugged before the crash and that it likely happened at the club.

The next court date is scheduled for late July.