ATLANTIC CITY - Revel Casino in Atlantic City has launched a new promotion called, "You Can't Lose," aimed at gamblers who want a chance to regain some of their losses.

During the month of July, the casino says if a player loses at least $100 on the slot machines, they will get their money back. All slot losses $100 or more will be refunded to gamblers using a Revel Card. "Gamblers who win, win, but a gambler that loses over the month of July will get that loss refunded," the casino said in a news release.

The funds lost will be reimbursed starting August 5, 5 percent at a time for 20 weeks. Each week's reimbursement must be used within that week.

The casino is only recently out of bankruptcy. The interim CEO says that as a company, Revel has made some mistakes since first opening in 2012.

"In the past, we haven't done such a great job focusing on gamblers," says CEO Jeff Hartmann. "We are asking them to come back and give us a second chance."

Revel says it is the "most ambitious promotion in the history of Atlantic City." Revel will also begin matching the slot offers players receive from all other Atlantic City casinos.

The $2.4 billion resort has also changed its name to Revel-Casino Hotel instead of just Revel. The changes are part of the casino's new plan to increase its market share and convince gamblers and smokers that they are welcome and wanted.

The Borgata is the No. 1 casino in Atlantic City, with reported earnings in 2012 of $612 million.