EDISON - A New Jersey assemblyman wants to expand the distracted driving laws in the state to include many things that driver say they often do.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski says that he wants to see the definition of distracted driving expanded to include such actions as eating, reading documents or grooming.

“The more you do other things while you're driving, the less attention you're paying to the road. And the less attention you're paying to the road, the more likely that you'll have an accident,” Wisniewski says.

New Jersey already has a law against talking or texting on a hand held device while driving. Some drivers who spoke to News 12 New Jersey say that they wonder how far the government should go to limit what goes on inside a vehicle.

“Are we allowed to talk to another passenger? How many rights are you going to take away from us?" asks one motorist.

If this bill becomes a law it would carry fines up to $400 and a license suspension for repeat offenders.

A similar bill was introduced to lawmakers previously, but was voted down.