TRENTON - The speaker of New Jersey's General Assembly is calling for a meeting between Gov. Chris Christie and top lawmakers to hash out a deal on funding road, rail and bridge projects across the state.

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto said Wednesday that it's becoming pointless to try to build veto-proof majorities for a new transportation-funding plan that the governor opposes.

The Democrat's call comes after Christie ordered a shutdown of most transit projects funded by the state's transportation trust fund, which is out of money. The governor said he wanted to ensure there was enough money for emergency construction.

A state Senate plan to replenish the fund would raise New Jersey’s gas tax by 23 cents per gallon. The plan would cover $2 billion in transit projects. The plan also included some tax breaks.

But Christie says other tax cuts in the plan don't provide enough relief to offset the higher gas tax, and says that he will veto the plan as is.

A previous plan supported by supported by Prieto and Christie was not approved by the Senate.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.