TRENTON - The Assembly transportation committee is continuing to delve into the George Washington Bridge lane closures, now being referred to as "Bridge-Gate."

Lawmakers are trying to determine who ordered what was referred to originally as a traffic study, and why it was ordered..

The colossal September traffic jam lasted four days.

Gov. Chris Christie apologized Thursday for the GWB lane closures, but the questions surrounding it remain.

The committee is holding hearings, and its chairman, John Wisniewski, expects members of Christie's staff to be subpoened.

Wisniewski says a pattern of troubling conduct at the Port Authority and governor's office is clear. "When the questions started to lead to Mr. Wildstein, he resigned," he says. "And no one had questioned him, no one talked to him about what happened."

Wisniewski says the committee will definitely subpoena Bridget Anne Kelly, the governor's deputy chief of staff who was fired after allegedly orchestrating the lane closures.