NEWARK - A violent assault and robbery carried out by two youths at a Newark store was caught on surveillance video, and police are trying to track down the suspects.

It happened at a store on South Orange Avenue on Thursday.

The video from the store shows a young man wearing bright green shorts and a T-shirt, and a young woman with long hair wearing a black dress. The two enter the store and before long, the female suspect is seen stealing hair extensions by stuffing them in their underwear.

The store owner then moves from around the counter to confront her. The owner, who did not want to be identified, tells News 12 she was going to ask the suspect if she was going to pay for the extensions.

While the owner was distracted, the male suspect went to the register and grabbed $500.

The store owner tried to keep the two suspects in the store and yelled out to a customer for help. That's when the two young suspects attacked. The boy punched the store owner in the face, and the girl used pepper-spray on her.

The store owner says she has been traumatized by the attack and is having trouble sleeping. She says she's ready to sell off her business because she does not want to return.