ASBURY PARK - People in Asbury Park are urging New Jersey Transit officials to keep a late-night train that runs from Manhattan to Asbury Park once the summer ends.

During the summer months, NJ Transit runs a line that leaves New York at 1 a.m. and stops in Long Branch at 2:39 a.m. and then arrives in Asbury Park at 2:54 a.m. That train stops running every year by early September.

The Asbury Park City Council is now pushing to have that train run all year long.

"Even though Asbury Park is certainly a shore town and a beach town, there is year round traffic that comes to Asbury Park and people who leave from Asbury Park to go to the city,” says city spokeswoman Hannah Walker.

Transit riders say that they have noticed that the late train is quite popular.

“It's definitely more crowded than it's been in the past,” says one rider.

The City Council argues that more Millennials are moving into Asbury Park who are less likely to own cars and are more reliant on mass transportation. Officials also say the late train would also help businesses as people could stay out later and not have to leave early to catch a train.  It would also free up parking spots.

NJ Transit says that they are considering the request, but says that it is not likely to get approved.

A spokesperson for the agency says, "Outside of [summer] months, ridership on shore trains, particularly late-night shore trains, is very low and the cost of running them is greater than the revenue taken in."

NJ Transit has not stated when it will give Asbury Park a decision on their request from more train service.