ASBURY PARK - An Asbury Park man says that he is tired of people vandalizing his Pee-wee Herman doll.

The doll of the iconic movie and television character sits in front of Gary Mastriano's home, and it has seen better days. Mastriano says that the doll has been stolen, pulled down and even set on fire.

"Everybody's been messing with Pee-wee. Most people love Pee-wee,” he says. “We get a few angry people out of the bars, drunk, hit it, lit him on fire. Just leave it alone. Let the people enjoy it.”

Mastriano says that since putting the doll outside last year it has become part of Asbury Park lore. He says that he doesn’t mind people taking selfies with the doll.

The doll sits on a small swing in a tree outside the home.