ASBURY PARK - Asbury Park is the first city in New Jersey to formally push for the legalization of marijuana amid a presidential campaign in which Gov. Chris Christie is renewing his pledge to ban the drug nationwide if elected.

In a symbolic gesture, the Asbury Park City Council passed a unanimous resolution calling upon state leaders to legalize marijuana.

While the resolution is only symbolic and holds no legal merit, Randy Thompson, who helped draft it, says the vote represents the changing attitude toward the drug.

Gov. Christie, however, renewed calls for a nationwide ban on non-medical uses while campaign stumping in New Hampshire.

"If you're getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it 'til January 2017, 'cause I will enforce the federal laws against marijuana in the United States," Christie declared.

However, the governor has supported medical marijuana in the past, and told New Hampshire supporters he continues to do so.

The governor's campaign is coming to Asbury Park on Tuesday, Aug. 4 for a fundraising dinner at the city's Convention Hall. Dinner begins at $250 a plate.