CEDAR GROVE - Some asbestos problems are forcing some Essex County students to start the new school year in a school that is not their own.

Cedar Grove school officials met with parents Thursday evening to discuss the plan to move students to another school since the cleanup won’t be complete by the time the new school year starts.

North End Elementary school students from grades 1 through 4 will be forced to attend Woodland Park Elementary school in Passaic County.

"We are opening the district on Sept. 12 in a safe and meaningful way. What I do want and what I know each of you want is for your children to be in school doing meaningful work, come Sept. 12,” says Cedar Grove Superintendent Michael Fetherman.

School officials say they will aim to keep things as normal as possible for the students.

Asbestos cleanup being done at the South End Elementary school is expected to be complete before the school year begins.