FREEHOLD - A confession from a father accused of killing his 2-year-old daughter was played for the jury at his ongoing trial Wednesday.

Police say Arthur Morgan admitted to dropping the toddler, Tierra Morgan-Glover, into a Wall Township creek while strapped into her car seat with a car jack attached to weigh it down.

In an interview recorded following his arrest, Morgan told a detective with the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office that he placed her into the creek to cleanse her, and hoped God would take care of her.

Morgan says he was not trying to get back at his daughter's mother Imani Benton, but instead wanted to end Tierra's suffering. "It was me not seeing Tierra and her going through the pain she was going through," he told police. "It was killing me."

Morgan also told detectives he was trying to tell his side of the story to News 12 New Jersey as U.S. Marshals moved in on him after he fled to San Diego, Calif.

Attorneys have not said whether or not Morgan will take the stand during his trial.