FRENCHTOWN - After learning that the nation's largest military mortuary mishandled the remains of fallen soldiers, News 12 New Jersey spoke with an army widow from Frenchtown.

Gari-Lynn Smith says that her husband's remains were not honored. Her husband was killed by an IED in Iraq. Smith claims she was told by a Dover Air Force official that no one wanted her husband so they cremated him with the rest of the medical waste from the hospital and threw his remains in the trash.

Smith says she signed a form when she received her husband's remains. The form Gari-Lynn signed allowed the military to dispose of any further remains. She says she assumed that meant the remains would be disposed of honorably.

Reports have now surfaced that at least two other sets of remains were mishandled. In one case, a limb was allegedly removed so a soldier could fit into a uniform.

Congressman Rush Holt (D-N.J.) says the defense department is conducting an internal investigation.