EDISON - The National Silver Alert Program, which focuses on the missing elderly and is patterned after the Amber Alert system, has been issued by New Jersey State Police 39 times so far this year.

The frequency of the alerts has many residents concerned that they will take away the urgency of an Amber Alert.

The most recent Silver Alert was issued yesterday after Andres Escudero, a stroke survivor with short-term memory loss, never made it home. Drivers were quickly asked to be on the lookout for the senior citizen and his 2000 pearl-colored Lexus.

News 12 New Jersey spoke to his daughter, Idania Escudero, who was thankful for the notification. Even as they become a very common site on state roadways, she says she's confident the alerts still work.

Shortly after News 12 New Jersey's interview, Escudero did show up unharmed after getting lost in Newark.