NEW BRUNSWICK - Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he has no concern that Apple will lose its edge even though Steve Jobs recently died.

Wozniak explains that he didn't read the recently released Steve Jobs biography, but he knows a lot of it because he experienced much of what is in the book. Wozniak spoke at Rutgers about entrepreneurship, which he said Jobs was brilliant at.

Wozniak says he would have been just as happy if he had nothing to do with business or making money. He tells News 12 New Jersey that his "formulas for life were to be a great engineer, hook up parts, build hardware and do these fanciful things just for my own entertainment, really."

Wozniak says it was Jobs and his "pursuit of that sort of excellence and to have a company better than any other in the world was the main reason that Apple was a big, huge successful start-up."

Wozniak believes computers will continue to be made smaller and smaller also believes voice commands will replace much of the typing we do now.