NEWARK - A Jersey City man is finally out of jail after he was mistakenly arrested for the second time on Father's Day.

Antonio Salvador walked out of the Essex County Jail Friday morning and held his newborn daughter for the first time since that day.

The 23-year-old cab driver was first arrested in 2012 at his Jersey City apartment. Last weekend, he was pulled over in Hoboken and arrested again, this time in front of his young brother.

Authorities have acknowledged the mistake that put the young father in jail two times. The Essex County Prosecutor's Office says a Newark home was robbed at gunpoint in February 2012. A man named Anthony Berrera was named as a suspect. Police say Berrera also goes by "Antonio Salvador."

The real Antonio Salvador was in court Thursday, and a judge issued his release. The judge wrote and signed a letter with pictures of both men as proof to officers that Salvador was not the man they wanted. He wasn't able to leave the jail until today.

The family found out today that the real fugitive, Anthony Berrera, was already in custody. He was arrested in May for another offense.

The Essex County Prosecutor's Office says there is often a delay between a suspect's arrest and those warrants being removed from the system.