WOODBRIDE - A man wanted in connection with at least three smash-and-grab burglaries in one night has been caught, and police are crediting News 12 New Jersey with helping to catch the suspect.

Woodbridge police say 44-year-old Antoni Kuhl broke into the Avenel Dunkin’ Donuts in the overnight hours of Aug. 25. Police say he didn't get any money, so he tried a Krauszers down the block, where an alarm sounded. He then allegedly ran off to a nearby liquor store in the Colonia section.

Kuhl reportedly stole $300 from the register and $6,000 from two money bags.

Woodbridge police asked News 12 to air surveillance video of the suspect entering one of the stores in which the suspect's face was clearly seen.

"We received an anonymous tip," says Detective Richard Yanak. "And I was able to make that tip credible. He gave me a name."

Once the suspect was identified, he was found already in jail on unrelated charges in Union County.

Woodbridge police say the suspect confessed to the three Woodbridge smash-and-grabs. Kuhl has been charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief.