MAPLEWOOD - A new campaign is kicking off this month as a proactive way to stop bullying before it even starts.

The family of Tyler Clementi started the Tyler Clementi Foundation shortly after he jumped from the George Washington Bridge, just weeks into his freshman year at Rutgers University almost five years ago. He was being bullied for his sexual preferences.   

The family uses the foundation's website to spread their anti-bullying message. They also visit schools,work places, pride rallies and festivals.

This month, they are launching the Day 1 campaign.

"We want a person of authority to speak on the first day and set the tone for what the acceptable and non-acceptable behavior is," says Tyler's mom, Jane Clementi. "We think we can change the culture of a school."

Day 1 also encourages everyone to sign an Upstander Pledge. Rather than be a bystander and ignore bullying, they want young people to take action.