WAYNE - Frustrated drivers lined up at Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) offices in the state as the MVC went through scheduled upgrades.

Two MVC offices in South Brunswick and Lakewood were not able to process licenses, renewals and permits today. Their computer systems were being upgraded and notices were posted on the doors of the South Brunswick office as well as online. However, many drivers were not aware of the upgrades and left disappointed.

Other MVC offices had significant delays because of computer glitches. The MVC is revamping the New Jersey driver's license and it says the problems are related to the changeover.

The line at the MVC in Wayne for a driver's license wrapped around the building. Some waiting in line read, while others ordered pizza.

The commission tells News 12 New Jersey it's just as frustrated by what's happening as everyone else. They urge New Jersey residents to check the website and it recommends trying to visit the MVC tomorrow.

Computer problems plague 8 MVC locations