GLEN ROCK - An expectant mother's attempt to squeeze in a mani-pedi before giving birth was almost a success, but her baby had other plans.

Anna Rubinstein was relaxing at Eden Nails in Glen Rock when she went into labor. "When my daughter was born, I was in labor for 42 hours so I thought I had some time, 10-12 hours," she says.

This time around however, it was more like 10 minutes. She was getting a foot massage when her water broke. "There are old wives tales that say a foot massage makes you go into labor," she says. "Not a wives tale anymore!"

Rubinstein made her way to the bathroom and her husband Sergei arrived just in time to deliver his own son. It was the "best feeling in the world, a bonding experience," he says. "I was there for him, not just cutting the cord, but for the whole thing."

The family says the ladies at the salon were a big help. Isabel Valdez was giving Rubinstein that massage, and stayed with her the entire time. "I was really glad because the baby was OK," she says. "I was so happy to be there."

Another customer in the salon at the time is a nurse and was also able to assist.

Rubinstein says she was worried about another long delivery, and even though the location wasn't ideal, she's thankful it was so quick.

An ambulance showed up shortly after the birth and took Mom, Dad, baby and big sister to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood.

Salon management says they're considering marketing those massages to moms who want a quick labor.