GUTTENBERG - A Hudson County school was put on lockdown Wednesday as part of an emergency response drill surrounding a school intruder.

The scenario at the pre-K through eighth grade Anna Klein School in Guttenberg included a suspect who was locked in a bathroom inside the school.

Guttenberg police working with the Hudson County SWAT emergency response team invited News 12 to take a rare look at what happens inside a school on lockdown.    

Even after the suspect is hauled away, teams continue their search of the school with weapons drawn, making their way through empty hallways with kids and teachers locked in classrooms.  

"In an emergency situation people don't always think rationally," says educational leader Donna Grzybowski. "The more practice, the more automatic. And when it becomes automatic, it cuts down on time. And time is of the essence."

All the weapons used were fake, and when all was clear, kids and teachers were left to finish their school day. All involved say they learned a valuable lesson they hopefully never have to put to use.

Guttenberg Police Sgt. Juan Barrera says it's all for the children.

Representatives from the police department, sheriff's office and the school will discuss what went well, and what can be done better next time. This is the first time Guttenberg police conducted a drill like this during the school day.