PLAINFIELD - Animal control officers responded to a home overrun with cats Thursday.

The house on Sherman Avenue in Plainfield may not look like anything there is awry, but neighbors say they could certainly smell the problem.

"There's urination on all the floors, there's some feces," says Chief Michael Fowler. "Cats living on top of cabinets." 

Fowler says there could have been as many as 100 cats in the home and dozens living outside.  But despite the smell and mess, Fowler says this is not even close to the worst that he has seen in his 20 years as an animal control officer with Associated Humane Societies.

Officers like Chief Fowler respond to similar scenes often. It's tough on them, he says, since most of the officers are animal lovers themselves and can't believe animals or humans are living in these conditions.

Animal control says the people involved usually think they are doing the right thing. 

Associated Humane says it will work with the owners of the Sherman Avenue home and the health department to remedy the situation. They will also get the humans the help they need, and find most of the cats, who appeared healthy, new homes.  

For the complete interview with Chief Fowler, watch the clip to the left or go to News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.