HOWELL - Two boys who were abused and abandoned by their biological father, can truly call the neighbors who took them in "Mom and Dad."

The pair of young brothers were left behind by their father and step-mother, and then taken in by the couple next door.

Angie Terry has three boys of her own, but never hesitated to take in Joel and Noel. The boys were 8 and 10 years old when their parents were evicted, and left town with a younger child in September of 2012.

The boys moved into Terry's small trailer home with her family, but the state told her she must find a bigger home if she wanted to keep the boys with her.

After hearing their story, the community quickly came together to purchase, renovate and furnish a larger trailer home for the new family.

Just two weeks ago, Angie and Danny Terry made their newly-formed family complete, officially adopting the boys.

"I could never promise them that I would always have them," Angie Terry says. "Until I had that piece of paper."

But the family says none of that would have been possible without people like Kristen Coppola, who led efforts to help the family keep the boys. And it was Herbert Celler who saw stories on News 12 New Jersey and wrote some very generous checks.

"If these kids were going to be with a family, this is the perfect family for them," Coppola says.

The boys are thriving now. Joel, now 10, is coming out of his shell and loves playing sports. Noel, 12, is class president, an artist and has a girlfriend.