HOWELL - A family in Howell is thankful their feline friend is safe tonight after workers at a tree service saw her story on News 12 New Jersey and came to her rescue.

Mimi, 1, escaped from her Freewood Street home nine days ago and got stuck 70 feet up a tree.

The local fire department was called to try and help, but the family was told their ladder wasn't tall enough. A landscaper also offered to bring Mimi down for a $100 fee.

Then, a truck with Angel's Tree Service came down to help free Mimi on Friday afternoon for no charge. The company cut the branch where Mimi was perched, prompting her to fall into a blanket waiting below.

Mimi's owner, Toni Martinez, says she was grateful that the business stepped in. "I feel a lot better," she said. "Very happy. Very thankful."