WASHINGTON - (AP) - Americans are talking about what's on top oftheir fix-it wish list as President Barack Obama prepares fortomorrow's State of the Union address.

Twenty-three percent of those surveyed in the AssociatedPress-GfK poll say employment is the most important single issue.Fifteen percent say it's fixing or reforming health care and 14percent say fixing the overall economy is tops.

The poll reveals discontent and some hope. More than halfdisapprove of Obama's handling of the economy and a little morethan one-third say it's improved in his first two years. Still,Obama is considered likable, strong and in touch.

Altogether, 38 percent of the 1,001 people interviewed say theeconomy or an economic issue is what they would most like to seethe government accomplish this year; 31 percent say health care isthe No. 1 issue to tackle, regardless of whether they favor oroppose Obama's health care law and 21 say the budget is the firstthing the government should fix.

The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.2percentage points.