EDISON - The owners of an Edison strip mall say illegal dumping was turning their next-door neighbor's property into a rat magnet, but they couldn't get them to do anything about it until they called News 12 New Jersey.

Signs that say "No Dumping" didn't keep the pile of debris from growing along Amtrak's right-of-way. Construction materials, children's items and furniture were strewn across the property behind a tiny strip mall on Route 27.

Owners Berenice and Sol Chadowitz never knew what they would find back here. "We've found complete dining room sets," says Sol Chadowitz. 

They say the trash was becoming a health hazard and attracting rodents.

The couple says Amtrak used to stay on top of the illegal dumping, sending someone by periodically to clean up. But they say the cleanups ended years ago, when that Amtrak worker retired.

The Chadowitzes say when they hired people in the past to try to clean up the mess, they've been told by Amtrak employees they were trespassing on their property.

Frustrated after numerous attempts to reach someone at Amtrak who could help them, the couple called News 12.

One week later, Amtrak had a crew hauling out the trash and ending the couple's year-long ordeal.

Sol Chadowitz says he appreciates the help getting to the right people.

The Amtrak crew hauled off about 75 percent of the junk and told News 12 New Jersey they'd be back Wednesday for the rest.

The Chadowitzes say they'd like to see a fence put up to discourage dumping. An Amtrak spokesperson says they'll look into it, but will be sure to at least monitor the area for future dumping.