MONTCLAIR - New Jersey Amtrak passengers will now be a little safer while riding the rails, thanks to a new safety feature.

Over the weekend, Amtrak installed automatic speed controls between New York and Philadelphia, which could help prevent accidents like the major derailment in May. Eight people were killed in that accident after a surge in an Amtrak train’s speed caused a train to crash in Philadelphia. Investigators say human error is to blame.

The Positive Train Control system will automatically put the brakes on a train when it goes over a certain speed limit. The system was already implemented between Philadelphia and Washington.

New Jersey Transit will be installing its own PTC system next summer on a 7-mile stretch of the Morris and Essex line. The PTC will be systemwide by 2018, a federal deadline.

Sen. Cory Booker says that $50 million from the new transportation spending bill will be available to help the rail lines comply with the deadline.