ALLENDALE - Officials in Allendale say they aren't taking any chances when it comes to certain local intersections.

Floodwaters consumed cars near Myrtle and West Crescent avenues at the beginning of July and again in recent weeks. Now police are issuing warnings to drivers.

Time and again, drivers have challenged high water only to lose and be submerged in one of their most dangerous stretches of roadway.

Martial arts instructor Martin Holmgren says people driving into the floodwaters of West Crescent Avenue is so common that he's no longer surprised at the drama that follows. "My advice is don't go through it if it's raining. Go another way around," he says.

Police are using Twitter to tell drivers that if the barricades are out, there is a good reason.

"Even with the barricades, we've had people drive around our people and around DPW people who have been sitting there to try and maintain order," says Chief George Scherb.

It's manpower that could be used elsewhere. "Those barricades are there and they figure, 'Oh there's not a police officer there to enforce this, I'm going to go around and take my chances'," says Officer Vincent Rizzo.

Allendale police and firefighters had to rescue drivers on both July 3 and Aug. 1.