ENGLEWOOD - Englewood police are looking for the man they say robbed a city jewelry store Saturday and escaped by going down into the sewer system.

Barris Simpson is believed to have robbed the B&M Jewelers. He was confronted by the owner, who tried to stop him.

“He reached in and grabbed two trays of rings,” says Englewood Police Capt. Tim Torell. “He then tried to run out the front door, but the owner electronically locked him in.”

Simpson was able to smash a window to escape. He allegedly ran through the shopping center the store is located in and may have made his way to the sewers along Main Street.

“It doesn't happen every day, but I have gone through quite a few uniforms over the years going down into the sewers,” says Capt. Torell.

It is believed Simpson then made his way to a neighborhood and ran through backyards to make his escape.  Police say he left behind most of what he stole.

Police searched the sewers Monday but found nothing. Anyone with information is urged to call Englewood police at 201-568-2711.