EDISON - The man accused in the murder of 19-year-old college student Brendan Tevlin allegedly began his crime spree almost a month earlier in Seattle.

Authorities in Washington state say Ali Muhammad Brown allegedly shot and killed two young gay men on June 1 after arranging to meet one of the victims through a social networking app called Grindr.

The King County criminal complaint accuses Brown of "essentially executing" two people. It says one was shot at close range in the back of the head and the other was shot at close range in the face and in the back. A bloody handprint in the victim's car was also used as evidence against Brown.

On June 25, Tevlin was driving home to Livingston when he was shot and killed in West Orange. It would be several more days before investigators would link his murder to Brown.

The fugitive from Seattle was caught on surveillance cameras in Ocean County, New Jersey where he allegedly tried to rob and carjack a man outside a coffeehouse on June 29.

About a week later, investigators in Essex County got a major break when ballistics tests showed the gun used to kill the two men in Seattle, was the same gun used to kill Tevlin. 

Unlike the victims in Seattle, investigators in Essex County say Tevlin had no prior contact with Brown or the other two men charged with his murder.

Authorities finally tracked Brown down to a wooded area behind a retirement community in West Orange on July 18. He had reportedly set up a makeshift tent about a mile from the spot where police found Tevlin's body.

Brown and two other suspects in Tevlin's murder are expected to face a judge on Wednesday.