NEWARK - The alleged murderer of a Livingston teen has been indicted on murder and terrorism charges, the first time a murder defendant has been charged with terrorism under New Jersey state law.

An Essex County grand jury returned a nine-count indictment against Ali Muhammad Brown in the murder of Brendan Tevlin.

Tevlin, 19, was allegedly shot and killed by Brown in June 2014. Tevlin was visiting friends in West Orange when he was shot multiple times while sitting inside his SUV. Brown supposedly told investigators that the killing was retribution for America killing Muslims. Brown is also accused of killing three other men in Washington state.

"As the investigation continued, evidence was developed, including evidence subsequent to arrest, which led to the decision to seek terrorism charges against Brown," said Acting Prosecutor Carolyn Murray.

Charges were dropped against Brown's two co-defendants, Eric Williams and Jeremy Villagran, who were originally arrested and charged along with Brown.

Brown is expected to be arraigned on Aug. 4.