RAMSEY - A couple says they are being harassed by neighbors and the Borough of Ramsey for their bird feeders.

Alfred Rockefeller says that with his limited mobility, he spends much of his day sitting in his kitchen, watching birds and other wildlife outside. But now, he says the town is fining him and his wife for breaking a law they say they have worked hard to comply with.

The couple is being accused of feeding wildlife, in violation of a borough ordinance. The town says neighbors have complained about peanut shells in their yards, bird droppings on their house, and wild animals eating their plants.

Annette Rockefeller says she thought she was doing the right thing when she complied with the section of the ordinance that requires the use of hanging and enclosed bird feeders.

The Borough of Ramsey says the wire mesh feeders the couple is using are not considered "enclosed."

The Rockefellers will be in court Tuesday, but have already said they will appeal if they lose. They face a fine of $250 to $500.