JERSEY CITY - A Jersey City mosque is taking extra precautions after receiving a series of threatening voicemails and letters.

Kamal Haddouch, the head of the Al Tawheed Mosque, says that the threats started after presidential candidate Donald Trump made several comments disparaging American Muslims.

Trump first said that he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey after the Sept. 11 attacks. The candidate then said that Muslims should have to register and should also be barred from entering the United States.

Haddouch says that the voicemails were particularly threatening.

“And if you guys come over here, in mass numbers every American that has a Second Amendment right is going to take their (expletive) guns out and blow you away,” the anonymous caller said.

“We are really concerned about this one,” says Haddouch. “When someone running for presidential office makes these statements, and some people follow this?”

Ahmed Shedeed, who heads the Islamic Center of Jersey City, says that some of Jersey City’s Muslim residents have expressed the feeling that they cannot go outside due to fear of backlash.

He also says that there have been other incidents lately that have fed into the Islamophobia. For instance, Philadelphia police are investigating after a severed pig’s head was found on the steps of a mosque in that city.

Muslim leaders in Jersey City may meet with the Hudson County prosecutor soon to discuss the threats.