JERSEY CITY - Popular online travel service Airbnb is expected to officially come to Jersey City, and Mayor Steven Fulop thinks it could earn the city $1 million a year in tax revenue.

Airbnb connects travelers looking for lodging with local homeowners who want to rent out space in their homes.

Even before the announcement, there were hundreds of Airbnb listings throughout Jersey City. Mayor Fulop’s plan now makes these listings legitimate, which will benefit the city. Under Mayor Fulop’s plan, travelers will have to pay a hotel tax and there will also be an insurance requirement.

Jersey City residents Phillip and Leslie Williams have been Airbnb hosts for two years. They support the mayor’s plan, even though they will have to pass the 6 percent hotel tax on to their visitors.

"It's legitimate," says Phillip. "The city recognizes it. The mayor recognizes it, so it's safe for visitors."

The Jersey City City Council is expected to vote on the agreement with Airbnb later this week.