NEWARK - An Air Canada flight that took off from Newark Liberty International Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Toronto after it reportedly lost pressure in the cabin, according the airline.

A spokesperson for Air Canada tells News 12 New Jersey that the flight had a problem with the air conditioning unit that led to the low pressure. Standard procedure dictates that the flight drop its altitude. The flight’s captain elected to divert to the nearest airport, which was located in Toronto, according to the airline.

Passenger Milun Tesovic posted on Twitter that the plane lost pressure at 36,000 feet and had to rapidly descend to 10,000 feet. Passengers had to use their oxygen masks. Tesovic shared a picture on Twitter that showed the masks hanging down from the plane’s ceiling.

According to the website, the plane landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport just before 8 p.m.

Emergency services were requested as a precaution, but no injuries were reported. The plane landed normally without incident. 

Tesovic posted on Twitter that he and other passengers were now on other flights