NORWOOD - A group of coyotes is causing concern in one Bergen County town.

Residents in Norwood say they are scared after several coyotes have been spotted around town. One of the coyotes attacked a man over the weekend while he was walking his dog. That coyote has since been captured.

Diane Zagacki says she was confronted by one of the coyotes Sunday night, just a few hours before the man was attacked.

“The fangs came out and he slowly stared me down. He knew I was scared,” she says.

Zagacki yelled out for her husband who was able to scare the animal away by making loud noises.

Several hours later, Stephen Sinisi was bitten on the leg by a coyote while walking his dog.

Police say they believe that same coyote attacked the tires of a police car before it was captured on Monday night. The animal has been sent to a state lab for testing for rabies.

Meanwhile, traps will be set after officers discovered two dens near the Norwood Public School. Students are being kept inside during recess for the rest of the week, while wildlife officials search for the animals.

Zagacki’s daughters are afraid to go outside to walk their dogs.

"We've been thinking about buying pepper spray. One of those air horns they say to make a lot of noise,” says Jessica Zagacki.

Sinisi is being treated with rabies shots as a precaution.

This was the second coyote attack in Bergen County this month. A coyote that tested positive for rabies was euthanized after it attacked a man in Saddle River earlier this month.