JERSEY CITY - The Jersey City Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security hosted a meeting Friday as a chance for public and private disaster response teams to share information and resources with each other and with the community.

September marks National Preparedness Month, and with memories of Superstorm Sandy still fresh in the minds of New Jerseyans, several agencies are reminding everyone to have an emergency plan.

The American Red Cross, FEMA and Verizon showed off their mobile command centers they use during large scale disasters.

"Having a plan, testing that plan, and making sure [to share] that with your family as well with your business," says Verizon Regional President Paul Sullivan. "It's similar to how we used to have fire drills in school. It's that same level of urgency."

And Mathieu Nelessen with the American Red Cross says it's not just about natural disasters. "We want to be sure that we're not just focused on the next storm, the last storm, and thinking about disaster preparedness through Sandy or Irene," he says. "Because there are things like the Boston bombing and other types of events we have to be prepared for as a community.

The Red Cross has a number of digital resources available to help your family plan for an emergency on their website.