PROSPECT PARK - As the refugee crisis in Syria worsens, officials in the United States are looking to see how they can help out.

Less than 2,000 refugees have relocated to the United States, and the Obama administration has revealed that officials are looking to take in more.

The mayor of Prospect Park has been paying attention to the crisis for some time. Mayor Mohamed Khairullah has been to Syria six times in the last three years.

"The world is paying attention finally to this crisis, and if I have to play a role in it, then obviously I will," he says.

Several decades ago Mayor Khairullah and his family fled from Syria and eventually made it to America.

"What I loved about the United States is obviously what we stand for: liberty, freedom, justice for all," Khairullah says. "We have to do what the world knows about us. We have to stand up for freedom and justice and welcome those who need our help."

European countries have so far taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees.

The International Rescue Committee has launched a petition for the U.S. to accept 65,000 refugees. So far they've collected more than 57,000 signatures.