BERGEN COUNTY - Health experts are warning people with homes on the market to watch out for prescription drug abusers who could be stealing from their medicine cabinets.

They say people looking for prescription drugs will often go to open houses, posing as potential buyers. They will ask to use the bathroom, and then raid the medicine cabinet. Investigators say the most popular drugs are oxycodone and other painkillers.

Ellen Elias, of the Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources, says addicts themselves have admitted to using open houses to find drugs, and aren't always easy to spot. "Addicts don't always dress in ratty clothes," she says. "They can look just like you or me."

The group is working on educating real estate agents and home sellers about the threat. They say if you're going to hold an open house, you should clean out your medicine cabinets beforehand.

Medications that are no longer needed should be taken to a designated disposal site in your area.