EAST HANOVER - Animal activists protested Sunday in an effort to shut down a puppy store in East Hanover.

The protesters demanded Just Pups owner Vincent LoSacco close the store for good.

Many are outraged the store is still open after three other Just Pups locations in East Brunswick, Emerson and Paramus were shut down amid allegations of animal cruelty against LoSacco.

He is accused of keeping the animals in unhealthy conditions and selling sick puppies bred at puppy mills.

The attorney general is filing a complaint against the owner, hoping to ban him and the store from selling puppies in New Jersey.

Protesters say they want to not only push for the shutdown but also bring awareness.

"We want it to stop and we don't think it’s right dogs are abused and people are ripped off being sold sick dogs," says protest organizer Tracie Koehnlein.