TRENTON - A new program aimed at reducing gun violence has been introduced in Trenton, just days after a 9-year-old girl was shot three times.

The initiative combines the forces of multiple agencies to deploy more officers to some of Trenton's most violent neighborhoods.

The program was already in place when the girl was shot near Bellevue Avenue and Marion Street on Monday. Wednesday's announcement was aimed at letting the public know what they're doing to prevent it from happening again.

Many of those who live near the shooting scene have children in their lives. Victoria Williams was watching her own grandkids when she says she saw the little girl, who was staying with grandparents next door, get shot three times.

"I ran to get my grandkids and threw them in the car," she says.

Law enforcement came together Wednesday to announce a program they say will help crack down on gun violence.

"We are doubling down on our law enforcement deployment in Trenton," says Acting Attorney General John Hoffman. "Under the TIDE TAG anti-violence crime initiative."

Hoffman is working with state, local and federal agencies to increase patrols in Trenton's most violent neighborhoods. Even though the deployments have been in place for a few weeks, officials hope to send a message. "We have more than enough of gun-toting thugs who threaten innocent bystanders with violence," he says.

But those who live in the neighborhood say just adding extra officers won't solve a problem that has long-plagued their community. 

"It's everyone's responsibility, not one," says Jane Jenkins. 

The program also includes a plan that increases penalties for offenders.