TRENTON - The implementation of new rules for obtaining or renewing a New Jersey driver's license has been put on hold due to a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Policy changes were supposed to take effect today. The ACLU says the changes constituted privacy violations.

The Motor Vehicle Commission announced the TRU-ID licensing program last year. Changes include requiring drivers to show a birth certificate, passport, Green Card, Social Security number and proof of residence. The ACLU says the changes put too much of a hardship on legal immigrants, the homeless and others.

The MVC says the plans were implemented to prevent counterfeiting and to keep terrorists from boarding planes with fake identification.

"We are extremely disappointed with the ACLU's last-minute move," said the MVC in a released statement. "The action adversely impacts over 3 million drivers and ID holders."

The ACLU-NJ and the MVC are scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 3 to present oral arguments about the matter.

Until further notice, customers visiting an agency should continue to bring six points of identification to obtain a New Jersey driver license, non-driver ID or permit, according to MVC officials. Upon presenting the proper documents, a customer will be issued a four-year document for a fee of $24.