DENVILLE - Rescuers are hoping a dog believed to be a victim of a dogfighting ring will get a second chance at life.

The dog was found 10 days ago tied up to a pole and bleeding, but Isabella is a survivor.

“So she’s healing very well,” says Jenn Nolan, of Morris Plains Animal Clinic. “She was found with the wounds all over her body basically we think torn up from other dogs."

Her chest, now stitched, was ripped open, and her legs were gashed with bites. All of these signs point to her as bait for dogfighting.

"Her face is pretty clean. Which means her mouth was taped shut with duct tape or maybe someone put a bag over her head so she couldn't even defend herself," says Frannie Laurita, of Second Chance Pet Adoption League of New Jersey.

Laurita has seen bait or fighting dogs all too often, more than 20 last year from Paterson alone, the city where Isabella was found.

“We see things that most people don't think are even real. A lot of people have trouble believing that there's dogfighting in New Jersey," says Laurita.

Isabella will soon leave the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains, where she's being treated. Her next stop will be a foster home for evaluation, hopefully to a loving home.

Animal control in Paterson is looking for the dog's owner, who could face fines and possible jail time for animal cruelty.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Paterson Animal Control at 973-809-9575.