ORANGE - A Kane In Your Corner investigation has uncovered accusations of voter fraud amid tomorrow's mayoral election in Orange.

Orange constituent Myrna Lockhart says she thought former Mayor Mims Hackett was just being friendly when he showed up at her senior apartment complex with absentee ballots for the election.

Until, she says, Hackett pointed to challenger Duane Warren's name and told her to vote for him. She says that when she refused to do so, Hackett took her ballot back.

Documents obtained by Kane In Your Corner show that 16 people have signed statements accusing the Warren campaign of irregularities. Several say they were asked to sign forms without being told what they were, and others say they were asked to fill out absentee ballots even after they explained they were not U.S. citizens. In one instance, a man says the Warren campaign asked him to sign an absentee ballot for his wife.

Warren says the allegations against him amount to dirty politics. He also pointed out that the lawyer who gathered the complaints against his campaign happens to be Mayor Eldridge Hawkins' father.

Warren alleges that Hawkins has used on-duty police officers to hand out campaign literature and has also used city resources to help his campaign.