EDISON - Automobile experts say that the hot and humid weather is as harmful to our vehicles as it can be to us.

AAA reports that its roadside assistance calls have increased significantly because of the weather. The Mid-Atlantic branch received more than 900 calls from New Jersey drivers by Monday afternoon and more than 2,800 calls over the weekend.

The majority of the calls were for dead batteries and flat tires. Mechanics say that extremely hot or cold temperatures can have a negative effect on vehicles, especially on batteries.

Mechanics say that there are some things a driver can do to help protect their vehicles during extreme temperatures.

“Anytime [the vehicle] goes in for service, ask them to change the battery, check the battery overtime, and let it sit overnight to check it,” says AAA battery service technician Mark Cedeno. “A lot of times people go in for service, the batteries fully charged, because [they] were just driving the car.”

AAA is also reminding drivers to never leave children or pets inside vehicles.