EDISON - The number of bodies found on Long Island beaches across Suffolk and Nassau counties is now at 10, according to authorities.

Officials still have not been able to locate Shannan Gilbert, a prostitute from Jersey City who went missing in May 2010. Police dogs found remains of four women who went missing between 2007 and 2010 while looking for Gilbert at the end of last year.

FBI profilers joined the investigation in February 2011 and continue to work on the case. Investigators found a fifth set of human remains on March 29 and three more were found less than a week later.

Earlier this week, two more sets of remains were found, bringing the total to 10. Gilbert is the sole tie to New Jersey and authorities say they have ruled out a connection to the murders of four prostitutes in Atlantic City back in 2006.

Police also say the latest sets of remains had been there a long time and may not be connected to the earlier bodies found.