EDISON - Hurricanes that have left an impact on New Jersey include Hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne that hit in September 2004.

Ivan and Jeanne brought the Delaware River to it's highest level since 1955.

Hurricane Floyd, which hit the east coast in 1999 caused six deaths and flooded the state as a tropical storm after dumping more than 8 inches of rain in 21 counties.

Bound Brook was one of the hardest hit by the devastating floods that occurred along the Raritan River.

Hurricane Gloria was billed as the storm of the century as it made its way up the east coast in 1985, but it ended up being less destructive than expected. Parts of the state experienced gusts around 100 miles per hour, but storm surges were less than 5 feet above normal.

Hurricane Donna swept the Jersey shore in 1960 and churned up damaging surf. The eye was 80 miles wide, providing a hiatus from the deluge and some sunshine before high winds returned.

The Great Atlantic Hurricane, which made landfall in 1944 as a Category 3 storm claimed 390 lives. A series of huge storm waves around 30 to 50 feet high cause major oceanfront damage. Costs ultimately totaled $100 million dollars.